Reconciliation and Payment Follow Up

Reconciliation of the Medical Claims

Reconciliation of the Medical Claims can be done as per the agreed timeline fixed by insurance companies. The process can be done for both EMR & Non-EMR based facilities.

The detailed analysis of claims in all aspects will be done by our RCM consultants.

The process includes,

  • Categorizing the real & Eligible Medical claims for reconciliation.
  • Segregating insurance-wise data with no of claims and pending  amount
  • Explaining the prepared data to the client management

Upon effective reconciliation process the payment follow up with insurance companies will be handled by our dedicated consultant

Each insurance companies have their own style of data requirements while proceeding payment follow up.

We are well updated with those required data key points. Thus we initiate & approach the payers with accurate data to gear up the payment.

The dedicative consultant will keep track, monitor, and follow up on the pending claims on a regular basis.

We bring back your stagnated revenue, while you improve patient care from your end.