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Medical Coding and Billing

The Medical Coding & Medical Billing processes are very crucial steps and must be handled by a dedicated RCM team, We are providing END to END Medical claims coding and billing for our clients with outstanding results. We are promising the accurate coding of Diagnoses & procedures with CPT, ICD10 CM, USCLS, IR-DRG &  CDT (DENTAL CODES) codes. The well-designed guidelines from DHA (Dubai), DOH (HAAD – Abu Dhabi), and MOH are followed by our coding experts to avoid any delay in reimbursement.

We provide our best offers for both EMR & Non-EMR (Paper claims) facilities.

We are UNIQUE from other RCM / Medical Billing  companies by our HIPAA Compliance Software to connect with client data. This will ensure the healthcare data is accessed in a  Secure way NOT like other REMOTE DESKTOP applications.

Our expert Medical Coding and Billing includes,

Our Medical coders are well versed in below portals and HIS software’s in UAE healthcare industry.






& Many others

Our Targeted Clients are

Medical Centers

Dental Clinics

Homecare Facilities

Multi specialty Medical Center / Polyclinics

Primary Healthcare Centers

Medical Laboratory Centers

Diagnostic Radiology Centers

Day Surgery Care Centers


“ The long term and short term projects also can be done by our experts “

We support the healthcare facilities to follow all the policies and standards assigned by the health authorities in the UAE.

As a Multi-specialty Medical coding Outsourcing company, we handle all major specialties,

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