HQP & HIP Programme and Billing


Being in this COVID projects since last year, The Clients had encountered many problems & challenges. Which results in unclear data of Patient services and number of patients served etc.,

After Joining Unique RCM Solutions, We have made the process smoother and accurate billing on time with our expertise for our clients. We Have implemented new strategies to improve the process more effective in business point of view.

We are proud to say that we are the only one stop solutions for the complete programme.

We are providing excellent services to 10+ Homecare providers.

Our services are below

Project Support & Consultation

Project Support & Consultation

We will analyse each step of the Project and close monitoring to avoid any deviations.

  • Can run the project with efficient Manpower (Not increasing number of employees unnecessarily).
  • Simplifying the whole process by our expertise.
  • Applying effective technologies to ease the work flow (Hardware & Software).
  • Forecasting future deviations and project errors at the earliest & Fix them.
  • Implementing updated Rules & Regulations all over the process from governing authorities.


hip & hqp billing program
  • Entry  & Billing of HQP HIP claims as per the Latest & Keep Updating DoH & Insurance  guidelines.
  • Keep Monitoring the Portals for approvals & proceed claims submission within timelines of Insurance Authority.
  • Remittance Monitoring & Resubmissions.
  • All Kind of claims Report will be provided .
  • Best Knowledge of all scenarios & Patient case  verities to reach accurate payment for the provided services.