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Healthcare Training and Analysis

In the Healthcare industry, the change will never change. The constant daily updates & circulars keep the Revenue cycle department busy.

UAE Healthcare sector aims to deliver excellent quality of care to the patients and ensures all the rules and guidelines are thoroughly followed by healthcare providers and payers.

To sustain in this situation, a healthcare facility must receive the appropriate updates on time.

The service as follows,

Training the staffs

As an RCM partner, we analyze all the facility staff’s insurance familiarity & undertake regular training and education sessions as and when required.

In a progressive stage, our experts are available all the time for assistance and guidance. We ensure the queries are resolved without delaying the process.

Analyze the RCM Process :

A perfect RCM process starts with the analysis of the present situation of RCM in the facility. Our RCM consultants will analyze the following,

The reporting include

  1. Claim Submission report
  2. Remittance of claims
  3. Resubmitted claims & efficiency
  4. Insurance wise claims report
  5. Comparing reports Month to Month / Year to Year
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