Healthcare Insurance Empanelment / Contracting

Healthcare Insurance Empanelment / Contracting services in dubai, UAE

Our steps as follows:

Determining The Payer

Completing The Application

Reviewing The Contract Terms & Price

Signing Contract

Training Of Payer Portals & Policies

Substantial changes in UAE healthcare have created a demand for new Healthcare Insurance Empanelment and agreements to sustain the business. As a Revenue Cycle Management Company, we assist & support you in all ways to find the best and most suitable payer for you.

Due to a lack of awareness of Insurance contracts, Most of the facilities are signing without challenging and negotiating the key points. As an expert, we assist you to note the mandatory checkpoints in all contract management from payers.

Determining the Payer

The complete analysis will be conducted by our experts before the initiation of the insurance Empanelment. The assessment areas include the client location, customer type, Medical Specialties available in the facility, etc.

Once the client’s requirements are noted, the list of payers will be advised as suitable to the client's needs. Upon confirmation, the process will be initiated and the required documents will be prepared to go forward with the application.

Completing the Application

The time frame to complete the application will be well maintained. Each and every stage will be informed the client. Timely follow-up will be ensured.

Reviewing the Contract terms & price

We Unique RCM solutions will update you on each and every terms and conditions of the contracts.

The tariff proposed by payers for your services will be discussed and confirmed through a panel meeting with your authorized staff to meet the financial strategies.

Exclusion list/coverage criteria / Schedule of benefits will be notified to the payer.

Any Objections & Negotiations of covered / non-covered services & fee schedules will be notified to the payer.

Signing Contract

Once both parties agree to the contractual terms and conditions, the authorized signatory of the facility will be introduced to sign the agreement.

Renewal policy and procedures will be discussed and informed.

Training of Payer portals & policies

We believe that the Insurance Empanelment service is not completed until the proper training for facility staff is provided.

Introduction/crosswalk to the payer’s online portal will be done by our Revenue Cycle Management experts, and required training will be provided on regular basis.